Great Forgotten Rod Stewart Singles

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Great Forgotten Rod Stewart Singles

rod stewart
Rod Stewart. Photo by Koh Hasebe/Shinko Music/Getty Images.

Sir Rod is marking a half-century as a solo artist this year. The legendary singer-songwriter, who’s turning 75 in January, is one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Over the past 50 years, he has recorded 31 studio albums, 17 of them Top 10 albums in the US. From his humble beginnings playing the harmonica with Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions, to his time with the Jeff Beck Group and Faces, to his smash-hit solo career – Rod Stewart has built a massive unbeatable musical legacy.  

Since the release of his new recordYou’re In My Heart: Rod Stewart With The Philharmonic Orchestra, celebrating his five-decade career with reimagined, orchestral arrangements to accompany the classic, rich and raspy vocal tracks of his most popular songs – Rod Stewart has stayed on the wonderful wave of nostalgia, digging into the archives of old music videos and sharing one per week from his official YouTube channel.

So far, these forgotten classics are up.

Rod Stewart | “Passion”

The official music video for Rod Stewart’s “Passion” from his 1980 album, Foolish Behaviour, is a moody cut! Wearing black and white striped Lycra pants against a black wall with red polka dot, a young Rod Stewart literally bounces, which causes his perfect golden hair to almost steal the show. Much like the bass players red satin jumpsuit and the oversized keyboard. There are a lot of highlights here! Including a rather trippy breakdown at about the 3:43 mark… 

Rod Stewart | “Broken Arrow”

“Broken Arrow” 1991’s from Vagabond Heart is one of the all-time greatest love songs. The otherworldly music video features some stunning contemporary dancing while Rod’s soaring vocal cuts straight to the heart.

Rod Stewart | “This Old Heart of Mine” [with Ronald Isley]

At the opposite end of the Rod Stewart spectrum is this suave cut for “This Old Heart of Mine (with Ronald Isley)” from 1989’s Storyteller - The Complete Anthology: 1964 – 1990 where he and Ronald Isley –aka Mr Biggs – trade lines in some very well-cut suits, accompanied by a trio of high-fashion backing vocalists who look borrowed from a stylized 70s sci-fi flick in lime green PVC  dresses. 

Rod Stewart | “So Far Away”

This touching ballad, “So Far Away” comes from Rod’s 1996 album, If We Fall in Love Tonight. The black and white clip sees the singer forlorn and reflective as he wanders through the cobblestone streets of Italy. For anyone missing loved ones at Christmas, this one’s almost guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye. 

You’re In My Heart: Rod Stewart With The Philharmonic Orchestra is a timeless record that showcases the power, soul and passion of Rod Stewart’s artistic legacy from the start. The album also features a new version of the hit song “It Takes Two” featuring Robbie Williams and a brand-new song, “Stop Loving Her Today”. Check it out here.

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