Kurt Cobain’s Last Photoshoot is Being Sold as an NFT

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Kurt Cobain’s Last Photoshoot is Being Sold as an NFT

kurt cobain
Kurt Cobain. Photo by Niels van Iperen/Getty Images. 

Soon, one very lucky Nirvana fan will be the proud owner of The Last Session NFT which contains 104 images from the final formal photoshoot of Kurt Cobain, just months prior to his death in April 1994. The collection includes some never-before-seen pictures of the Nirvana frontman, as well as some of the most iconic ever taken of him. 

Photographer Jesse Frohman who shot the collection, launched a website to auction the images as a Non Fungible Token – which, for those who don’t know, is basically a digital asset that is stored in a blockchain and can be sold or traded, much like a gold bar sitting in a bank deposit box – next month.

A description of the collection on Frohman’s website reads: “The Last Session NFT collection includes images, polaroids, and contact sheets with Frohman’s original markups, some of which have never before been seen.” You can check it out here. 



“The landmark NFT release offers those who celebrate Kurt’s legacy a chance to share ownership of a moment that is etched deeply upon the soul of music and culture. Today I’m proud to announce my first NFT drop of iconic images from my photoshoot of Kurt Cobain in 1993,” Frohman writes. “The images, some of which have never before been seen, are from Kurt’s final photoshoot six months prior to his passing.”

“‘The Last Session’ NFT drop is an artistic exploration into the ways evolving forms of media and technology can be used to keep a legend like Cobain alive and celebrate his impact on music and on generations.”

The Last Session NFT auction starts on May 3rd and runs until May 7th. The starting bid for the one-of-one print is 27.27 ETH — which is a reference to Cobain’s age when he died — roughly AUD $95,058.

But don't worry, there are other more affordable options on offer. The Nevermind Editions – 10 one-of-one, uniquely colourised quadriptychs of Cobain – has a starting bid of  2.7 ETH or about AUD $9000; or the In Utero Sessions – 20 five-of-five, uniquely colourised portraits and group shots with Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl – have a “buy it now” price of 1 ETH, which is about AUD $3360.

You can view the whole collection and find out more about the auction via Jesse Frohman’s website, here. 

A portion of proceeds will be donated to the JED Foundation, a nonprofit organisation focused on suicide prevention among teenagers.


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