Relive Prince’s Marvellous ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ & ‘Kiss’ Medley on ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ in 1991

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Relive Prince’s Marvellous ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ & ‘Kiss’ Medley on ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ in 1991

Prince circa 1991. Photo by Larry Busacca/WireImage/Getty Images. 

We’re looking back to one of Prince’s best televised moments, when he took over The Arsenio Hall Show stage in September 1991 for an incredible performance that included a show-stopping medley of his two chart-topping hits, Let’s Go Crazy & Kiss. 

Let’s Go Crazy was the opening track on Prince’s seminal 1984 album, and accompanying film, Purple Rain. With the Purple One’s prolific vision fully realised, it was a defining moment in pop culture. Let’s Go Crazy sets the pace with an ominous requiem march that explodes into a pumping party anthem as Prince ruminates on hazy themes of sex and religion with vivacious attitude.

Equally insatiable is the icon’s 1986 number one single Kiss; a genuis fusion of R&B, pop, disco, new-wave, rock, electro and soul backing one of the most inspired vocal deliveries on tape. 

Prince was notoriously anti-TV and his appearances on the medium were few and far between. However, his bond with TV show host Arsenio Hall would see the legendary artist grace his soundstage numerous times over the years. Perhaps one of his most prolific appearances on the show came in 1991 when he delivered a full 30-minute mini-concert of choreographic brilliance in front of Hall's live studio audience.

Watch the legendary artist deliver a marvellous medley of his two chart-topping hits, Let’s Go Crazy and Kiss, below!

Prince | Let's Go Crazy & Kiss [Arsenio Hall, 1991]

Arsenio Hall once reflected on the specialty of their friendship, saying: "I think Prince knew my love for music, and he got my sense of humour. More importantly, he knew I loved show business and he loved show business. He would trip with me off the air in a way he wouldn’t do with other brothers. I remember going to see him at the Glam Slam in Los Angeles. After the show, he asked me where I was going. I said I was heading to an after-hours club, some dude’s house where there would be music. It wasn’t 100 per cent legal. And he went with me. I mean, this was south of Wilshire, dog. It’s rough out there. But he trusted me in that, and he relinquished a lot of control."

While we're here, let's remember the Let's Go Crazy music video cut with scenes from Prince's Oscar-winning 1984 feature-length film, Purple Rain. 

Prince & The Revolution | Let's Go Crazy [Official Music Video]

Earlier this year, the Prince Estate shared Welcome 2 America, a “lost” album originally recorded by Prince in 2010 and intended to be released in parallel with the legendary musician’s US tour of the same name. The tour went ahead in 2011, but the album was left sitting in the vault – until now. Check it out, here


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