Watch Weezer & Fall Out Boy Play Celebrity Family Feud

Watch Weezer & Fall Out Boy Play Celebrity Family Feud

pete wentz, rivers cuomo
Image via YouTube. 

2020 has looked different to what almost everyone on the planet imagined, including the members Weezer, Green Day, and Fall Out Boy, who were about to set out on their global Hella Mega Tour – on track to be one of the year’s biggest – when they were forced to put that pop-punk energy on ice and find new ways to keep busy. 

So, while it might not be the stage the bands were planning to share, members of Weezer and Fall Out Boy (joined by Seth Green) put their knowledge (of sorts) to the test when they faced off for a round of Celebrity Family Feud on September 20th instead. It's doesn't quite compare to a stadium rock show, but entertaining all the same! 

Weezer frontman, Rivers Cuomo and Fall Out Boy frontman, Pete Wentz kick off the game with an awkward hug that revealed Cuomo’s competitive side when he declared it “maybe the last time,” before host Steve Harvey posed the age-old question, “What would all strippers in hell look like?” Game on.

Enjoy some Celebrity Family Feud highlights below!

Both teams donated their winnings to a charity of their choice: Fall Out Boy’s to the Fall Out Boy Fund, and Weezer’s to Reverb.

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