In A League Of His Own

In A League Of His Own


One of the best blues-rock guitarists of modern times, Gary Clark Jr has released an absolute ripper of a cover of the Beatles "Come Together" for the new blockbuster film Justice League which hit cinemas late last week. The film is tipped to be one of the biggest of the Summer. 

The official music video features all characters and some awesome high adrenaline scenes from the film to accompany Clarke's guitar playing.

The track itself is climbing the rock charts once again, 50 years after it's initial release, thanks to it being such a feature in the film.

Clark believes the song's message is as relevant now as when the lyrics were written, saying in an interview to the Huffington Post “I think to hear that now, with everything that’s going on, it feels right... Whether I was involved in this project or not, I think the more messages like that and the more ideas of coming together   that’s really good. And it’s inspiring for me individually, and hopefully for everyone else. For people I talk to, the conversation always leads to: We need some sort of change. We need to come together."

If this track gets you hooked, get stuck in to Gary's catalog on Spotify...

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